Friday, February 02, 2007

Scenes from Sycamore Moon

With the recent closing of my shop, Sycamore Moon, so many friends and customers have asked if I miss it. For the record, it was a wonderful learning experience, a tremendous creative outlet and a really great laboratory for all my creations. However, I am extremely excited to be moving forward. The store was a beautiful stepping stone and part of a path that I am happy I chose to take. I want all my wonderful customers to know that I do miss them and thank them for their tremendous support. I so loved the interactions and friendships I formed. The positive feedback I got daily was so affirming and I think it gave me the strength to do it all as long as I did...even on an absurdly minimal amount of sleep. I must also say I am happy to be sleeping again. I do miss driving by the store window at night and seeing the window all lit was always sort of magical. Here are a few scenes from Sycamore Moon!

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