Friday, February 02, 2007

Scenes from Sycamore Moon

With the recent closing of my shop, Sycamore Moon, so many friends and customers have asked if I miss it. For the record, it was a wonderful learning experience, a tremendous creative outlet and a really great laboratory for all my creations. However, I am extremely excited to be moving forward. The store was a beautiful stepping stone and part of a path that I am happy I chose to take. I want all my wonderful customers to know that I do miss them and thank them for their tremendous support. I so loved the interactions and friendships I formed. The positive feedback I got daily was so affirming and I think it gave me the strength to do it all as long as I did...even on an absurdly minimal amount of sleep. I must also say I am happy to be sleeping again. I do miss driving by the store window at night and seeing the window all lit was always sort of magical. Here are a few scenes from Sycamore Moon!

The Hadley Heart

What an amazing response I have received from gals all over the country (and Canada) in reference to the MEHC cover and article. My top seller has been the "Hadley Heart". They are sweet little lavender filled hearts that hang and are embellished with vintage and vintage inspired trims and notions. Each one is handmade to order and no two are exactly alike. Thanks to all who have called and emailed with kind words and questions. I really do appreciate your feedback and interest!